August 26, 2006

Lear'n how to use apostraphe's

A great friend sent me these words of hilarious encouragement at the end of last school year which I'd like to share with you before this school year begins.

"I'm so glad for you that you only have a week to go!!!!!! way to keep truckin'. (with mud flaps with the ladies on them, and an airbrushed logo on the cab... maybe your name in extra fancy curly-q font~~only your name would be "Tiny" or "Dan." for you, i choose "Hunny Muffin'." [with an added apostrophe in there b/c nobody knows' how use apostrophe's right'.] :-D )

'Keep on Truckin'
* Hunny Muffin’ * "

This was made even funnier when, this summer, in my homeland of Kentucky, I saw this truck:

For real. "Barely Getti'n By" . Nice!


Anonymous said...

HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

'so glad your' getti'n some laugh's 'n' snorts from that!'

~~'lil' tif'

Tiffanie said...

oh my god. i am crying reading this one again.
too funny!
even if it was mostly my joke.
funny i forgot that part, eh?