June 22, 2006

Chelsea and Vinny's Wedding

Across the board, people said it was their favorite wedding ever. "If more weddings were like that, I'd enjoy going more often!" said Nick Rueff, my college roommate who was visiting for the weekend. They had a Buddhist ceremony during which Chelsea giggled constantly. The reception was held at the nightclub where Vinny is bouncer--they had all their friends play sets rather than hiring performers. I loved that aspect! Mom and I performed a few bellydances; one I've been honing and have performed 3 times now, a veil peice by mom, an improv duet, and an Urban Tribal choreography-inspired peice by me. Also Dad played guitar and sang (as did many of their friends). At the end of the night, a friend showed a slideshow of pictures of Chelsea and Vinny growing up (lots with Caroline who was out there to celebrate with us!), with hints and tips on marriage/love/parenting (recorded from random people on the street) dubbed over the slideshow. As they cut the cake, Chelsea claimed, 'We're GOOD at this marriage thing!"


Meena said...

oh damn, I was hoping while I read you would talk about the beautiful body art! What was that all about? Can you blog about it? It's truly beautiful!!!

tif said...

everyone looks so beautiful!!!