June 12, 2006


The Infusion Tribal Dance-A-Go-Go was a hit. Hell, the whole week was! Not only did I get to come home to enjoy the first part of my healthy summer with Ben, but I got to go dance for 5 hours every day too! Enjoyed the space at Mecca--not even hot!!--and enjoyed the company of my favorite dancing ladies of Rakadu plus Superkate plus our new silly friends Rachel, Mira and Liz. The performance at the Dame was a blast and we had many people tell us it was their favorite, ever. When I dared to assume that the audience was reacting favorably only to our out-of-town ladies, they corrected; "There was no weak link, every peice was just knock-out awesome". Thank you all who came and participated in the workshops or in performances or as audience members----it was a success!

[pics: Ben's chicken fingers pinch infusion poster bunny; Guedra biddies Brooke, Suz, and Mel; My marionette /contortion act, Alyssum as air in the back, and 4 others as water in the fore; Alyssum leading some improv; Natasha at work; at Mick's bachelor party.]


eileen said...

I saw your picture in the paper, Alyssum! You looked beautiful, I wish I could have seen your performance!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the hard work!