May 10, 2006


Jessamyn and I are moving in together. I feel stable enough emotionally (finally) to consider living with another human being (only sorta kidding). And if I break down next year, it'll be okay. She's seen me at my worst. And I at hers. And we can cook good healthy food together (she eats no sugar and is vegetarian!), and share rent (we have an awesome, cheap, close-to-school place!), and enjoy each other's company (excited about this! But fully aware that I'm going to have to be strict on the STUDYING first and foremost), and share a sewing machine, and kitties, and carpool or ride bikes to school...

[picture from the Walpurgistnacht Black and White Masquerade Ball a few weekends ago. Bunny just matched.]

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tif said...


congratulations!! good roommates are invaluable.
so are good friends. ;)