May 3, 2006

Nice visit

Ben came to visit for 5 days and it was so lovely to LIVE with him. Still I had school, had to study, had to go teach dance classes, had to do errands, but I got to do the errands with him, I got to make food and eat with him, got to sleep in the same bed (cuddly), got to come home from school to his smiling face. And one day we had brunch out in Sturbridge--an old NewEngland hefty farm breakfast with a bunch of my friends for a belated b'day. And we saw an Alvin Ailey performance at the beautiful old Wang theatre (thanks BrieAnn!). And one night we went to eat dinner with Jessamyn and Emily. Jess and Ben pretend to be rockers while I play with my new camera. Ben looks magical. Maybe he is.

1 comment:

tif said...

sounds like a great visit.
how was the performance?? i've heard RAVE reviews of alvin ailey. . .

looks like fun was had. :)