March 8, 2005

what you'd expect with KY plates.

My poor car. It's a nice little white 1991 Honda Accord, but it's beat all to hell at this point. Here's a list of things wrong with it:
*dent in back fender
*driver side door fender ripped off
*driver side head light smashed in
*rust spots on each door
*brake light warning light won't turn off on dash
*check engine warning light won't turn off on dash
*dash lights don't turn on at night
*rear lights flicker
*radio fucked (doesn't turn on, won't eject my tape either)
*antenna stuck at half-way
*left turn blinker blinks at a million blinks/second
*leaks oil, but just a little
*clutch pedal is slick metal (rubber has all worn away) which makes for sketchy driving when your shoes are snowy/wet/icey.
*sun visors are bent in half from getting caught in the automatic seat belts
*my key is also bent and only works if you ease it in with masseuse smoothness
*changing gears does't always work even with the clutch pushed in all the way.
BUT, HEY, IT STILL RUNS, and luckily my KY plates give me an excuse not to fix them in this militaristic state of MA where people are expected to get yearly car checkups, and are fined for each of any of the above mentioned faults. Save me some moola.

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