March 1, 2005

The REAL Bigshots

Something I realized here recently. Here I am in a big city (well, on the outskirts of one). And it occurred to me that lots of times creative people in little towns or little cities want to GET THE FUCK OUT and move to a place where there are more like-minded people, more creative people to surround yourself with. But I find that there are so many wannabees that end up in the big cities, and really you just have greater volumes of mediocrity to chose from. And so it ends up (with the exceptions of a few amazingly talented people who actually become famous) that people in little towns who are creative are honestly so. If they remain there in their little city and make as much of it as they can, they probably end up more fulfilled (able to accomplish more because they're not competing with others in a big city), and also more down to earth because they have humility ("what, li'l ol' me? I just come from xxxxx, ky" or whatever), and if they really do well they become famous DESPITE the fact that they remain where they are, because people recognize their talents and appreciate them for who they ARE and not for what they're trying to become or what they would by trying to show off if they were in a big city. There's not so much ego in the way. Sure there are people stay put simply because they are unambitious or lack the confidence that they could do better for themselves elsewhere, and unfortunately, there's always better funding for creative endeavors in most big cities. But for the people who are ambitious and make what they love to do work in small places, that makes me appreciate them all the more. What dedication! What surprising amaziac qualities! Good job, people like that!

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