March 26, 2005

"James Brown"

This is the moniker of a certain town drunk in Lexington, KY the town from which I hail. He goes around introducing himself as James Brown or asking for "bus fare" and the police tell you to steer clear because they think he's the sketchiest mo'fo around. They can't figure out why he's still alive because he's destroyed his liver and has a bunch of other communicable diseases that don't seem to bother him too. He's been arrested for public intoxication over 900 times since 1992. Whoa. But the strangest thing is that my friend who lives in CANADA emailed me about him ("maybe you have heard about this guy, he's from your area"). What the hell?!!! Apparantly Mr. Henry Earl (his real name) has quite a following, and this is......sad.


Mick said...

Yup, yup... and I can't remember if he actually got to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show or not.. he was slated, anyway.. I was trying to find this funny montage of pictures, but instead found Firefox Browser Henry Earl Status extension. Jay-sus!

also, did you know that the Jail site was taken down for a while because of hits due to "James Brown?"

I wonder how much of this he knows or understands?

Mick said...

Here's what I was looking for: the Henry Earl Mood Watch

Ah, the weird world we live in...

Also, here's the animated Henry Earl

Anonymous said...

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