May 27, 2012

Post Graduation

Aside from all the fun I had with my parents, in the past week, I have:
  • gone boogie boarding (clearest bluest water I've seen looked like the Bahamas!)
  • gone horseback riding at Pebble Beach
  • secured not one but two interviews for next week
  • sewn a button on a sweater
  • organized all the cards, correspondence, and memorable ephemera since my house burned down, by year
  • done 1.5 months worth of laundry (embarrassing, but there you go)
  • organized my digital life a bit more (started using evernote, & deleted a bunch of files from my computer)
  • switched from safari to chrome (because I finally didn't have a million tabs open for school projects)
  • enjoyed hot chocolate every night
  • slept in every day
  • played trivia
  • enjoyed going to work at Seafood Watch without schoolwork breathing down my neck

    Basically, I am trying to take my friend Mira's advice, "enjoy it."   Not only am I not in school, but I'm not even on 'summer vacation,' really, since I'm not going back in the fall.  This is new territory for me.  Though I had 2 yrs not in school between Tufts and MIIS, I was lost, poor, working 4 jobs, and didn't have much time to enjoy my life.  I forced myself to dance so that I would have something to enjoy (dance is truly a lifesaver, many times over) during that time.  Anyway, here I am. Yay.  Enjoying the fact that I can pretty much do whatever I want to do whenever I think of it.  Instead of having to focus on a single project, or prioritize things, I can spend 20 minutes on one project, then when I think of something else I can pop up and start on that.  It's super fun.  

    Ah, yes, what interviews, you ask?  One is for the Digital Coast Fellowship through NOAA, with the National Association of Counties and the National States Geographic Information Council, located in Washington DC, and the other is for the position of Program Manager of the local NGO (Monterey), Friends of the Sea Otter.  I won't bore you with the details, but here are the wordles of the job descriptions, and they do a pretty good job summing up what the jobs would be like.  I had a practice interview which was very helpful, and I'm looking forward to both interviews.  Very different but equally awesome potential positions.  Wish me luck!

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