October 7, 2011

Working at the Aquarium

Mural on a gorgeous sunny day. I love living in Monterey.

This semester, Seafood Watch has decided that I should be considered an employee of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, not just an in-between intern (between employee and volunteer). That has its perks! It means I can get into the aquarium for free any time I want, and I get food for 50% off (Ben and I have enjoyed that a couple times thus far). I never get tired of going to the aquarium. Animals are so incredible.

New great white shark in the Open Sea exhibit, with the Mola Mola

Hammerhead, mola, great white.

School of sardines

Mola's wacky proptosed eye up close.

The tuna are so fast, it's hard to get a decent picture of them.

This is my favorite right now. It's a skate (similar to a ray) egg pouch that has a window cut into it, so you can watch the embryos develop. Incredible.

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