October 7, 2011

Super Busy

In the space of just a month and a week, I have only had one weekend (that's when we went up to San Francisco to visit Mira and BrieAnn and went to the flea market). The 2nd and 4th weekends, I had a weekend-long course on Improving Governmental Efficiency. It was fascinating, wholly worthwhile, but exhausting. In a class with just 10 students, the demographics could not have been much more diverse: 2 Kentuckians, Hungarian woman, Croatian woman, Afghani man, Ecuadorian gay man from Miami, Native American woman, Kyrgyzstani professor, woman in her 50s, and 2 other white ladies. Classes like these are why I chose to go to MIIS. So cool.
From my Improving Governmental Effectiveness: a Cross-Cultural Perspective class.
The weekend in between, unfortunately, was spent in bed, as my neck went out and I had to convalesce. Uggh. Not restful. Very stressful. I think it was related to decreased exercise since I left DC, and also just all the intense life-examination I've been doing.
Cats help me heal.
Then this past weekend I spent traveling (back to DC, that's another post coming up soon)....This weekend I technically have free, but have to spend writing papers and catching up since I was in DC all last week. Ben and I both feel the constraints of my busy-ness very acutely. How do I stop? Do I want to? How do I lead a more balanced life?
Cupcake for dinner at the farmer's market one night.
At least in the midst of all this, my 2nd nose ring piercing has healed. Here I am with my newish "magic snake bite" look.

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