March 5, 2010

Aldiko & Moonfleet

One of my favorite applications on my HTC hero android google phone (I'm sure there's a shorter real name for it, but I am a little bit confused on what moniker I should give it) is Aldiko. It allows me to have some books to read on my phone, like a tiny Kindle, or other digital reader. I am reading Moonfleet right now, an old adventure story first published in 1898 by J. Meade Falkner. I read it when I'm walking to and from work, and sometimes before bed, snuggled under the covers, phone in hand. A bonus of reading on the phone that I wouldn't have thought about: you don't have to hold the book open, a small but unexpected nicety. This picture reminds me of the section I just finished where John is recuperating in a hidden cave that has an outlet to the sea. I imagine it just like this.

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