August 9, 2009

A Bunch of Things I LIke.

My favorite flavor of yogurt= Rachel's Plum Lavender Honey. Calming, delicious, good for the innards.

Best martini glass out there because I always spill mine and because they're usually so top-heavy. This suits my butterfingers.

How often have you been at a party and wished you had one of these so you could serve your self food to your plate when you had nowhere to put your glass????

Something beautiful and white and lush.

Something beautiful and yellow and lush.

Give Thanks. I think of my friend Tiffanie when I see this, and how she has all sorts of creative, lovely reminders/messages in surprising and common spaces.

Shapes. I like shapes, and color.

Look at this interesting old school stove range, how it rolls away when not in use. Do you think it would be practical? I love the idea at least, in a sort of 1960's Jetsons sort of way.

A kitchen that sort of looks like ours. It's cleaner and not as crumby, or broken, but the white gas stove, the cutting board to the left of it, and the copper kettle are all elements of ours that make me imagine ours looks as nice as this one.

I kind of love glass bell jars. I have 4 tiny ones sitting on my bedside table. I love that you don't have to dust what's inside, and how it forces space around the contents without hiding them away.

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