September 12, 2008

Gypsy Slam

If you've been following my blog lately, you know it's been kinda rough for me for the past couple of weeks. I'd like to share with you something that gives me peace and joy; my dancing. When I dance, I'm out of my head, and in the moment (which is what meditation-- and life, really--are all about). These pieces were improvised, although we knew the order of the music. You can't really tell, but the last piece (starts at 5:28) is done with our eyes closed. We were concentrating on giving and receiving energy and listening to the music. I think it's really cool to see what it looked like, and how there are moments where people are doing the exact same thing at the same moment even with our eyes closed (7:27). Mmmm, *smile*.

[We opened up the Womens Writers Conference, at Victorian Square. There's a 1st part too, and the 1st piece is also done with eyes closed.]

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Tiffanie said...

I love the beginning cluster in the second piece in part II, yummy delicious! I also like the duet in the beginning of part I, and I like what happens when you and Teresa are doing the same movement ~ you in the back, and her in the front around them ~ the sidestep thing. I love the concept of doing it with your eyes closed. I think it shows a lot of skill (and hard work to get to that point!). Oh, and, btw ~ I know the resolution wasn't the clearest, but your bangs looked great! ;-) Thanks for sharing. Lovely.