May 30, 2008


--Money, as I've understood it, is a somewhat tacky/taboo subject. However, I'm coming to think that it's only taboo if you're lucky enough not to have to worry about it. Or not lucky enough to brag. ??

--My therapist basically told me to continue what I'm doing. Which is yet another hint to me (smack smack!) that I'm impatient. As long as I'm doing what I can to get on with life and improve my situation (nevermind if I'm being successful or not) then I deserve a hug. (she didn't say that. I just like hugs more than pats on the back.)

--Everyone keeps telling me that I'm intelligent, creative, and awesome in one way or another. They say it as encouragement, which is nice to hear. And I used to believe it. But after 4 years of lots of failures.... Well, somehow I've got to build up my confidence again.

--I have lots of ideas in my head. I don't know which to actually work on, and which to discard. I think I end up spending a little time on all of them, accomplishing virtually nothing and feeling more like a failure. Why am I so bad at being singleminded?

--and here I go to my 3rd job for the day. Followed by dancing at Natasha's, at least!

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