February 25, 2008

Peeling Layers

I just finished my last exam. LAST EXAM. Barring the boards and any continuing education, I NEVER have to take another exam again. I was so excited last night, thinking about all the things I would be able to do today that I couldn't sleep! About a week ago as I was studying with Jessamyn, I realized that the end of this hellish lecture/exam schedule was almost here. It felt like one tiny milkweed seed at a time lifting off and taking flight, leaving me a bit lighter and relieved. As soon as the exam was over today, I had an absolute perma-grin on that I couldn't wipe off. Tonight is our 3rd year Kick-Off party....and I can't wait. I have people at home chanting "White Coat, White Coat" for me, hoping that I will be able to join my class next friday to go into the clinical rotation portion of my vet education. And for today? I am just so amazingly relieved and happy to be done. I feel more like myself than I have in a reeeaally long time.




phillip said...

white coat, white coat!. all my fingers are crossed for you Alyssum -- you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Alyssum! No more exams! It must be a great feeling.

We had one of our last med school exams today. The amount of studying goes precipitously downhill, it's pretty silly.

Ironic, but I'm celebrating the fact that I never have to wear a white coat again! Mayo doesn't do the white coat thing...

I have a very filthy short white coat you can have. Underneath all the dirt is lots of knowledge, albeit about the human body.


Tiffanie said...

congratulations, Alyssum!!!!!
you deserve the permagrin. enjoy.

i'll be sending even more good thoughts your way than i usually do. white coat! white coat!

woo said...

WOOHOOOOO!!!!!! White coat! White coat! White coat!