April 18, 2007

Mixed Bag

Well, I'm glad I don't have pictures to share depicting my every day life, or --worse-- pictures of me during my emotional/exhaustive breakdowns when school is overwhelming and I do stupid things like call my boyfriend crying and then hang up on him (I'm sorry!).
I am grateful to my friends that buoy me and help me pass my exams.
And I am grateful that I have students who give me joy in my life to break up the drama that is veterinary school. My students love me and I love them too! They are so sweet and supportive--some have given me massages, some have made me dinner, some bring me little gifts for no reason, some remember my birthday, almost all of them send me nice emails, they all make me proud to watch their progress, and this one came to the last open mic, took these pictures, and created this collage. I am so impressed by what a good job she did--you can't even tell I'm in a coffee shop dancing! (Thank you Terry!)

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