April 20, 2006

The Little Guys Need Standing Up For!!!

I just received a heartening message (I get hundreds of messages decrying the need for help for and the demise of our environment, and after almost two full years in vet school, this is my first positive message) saying "thanks to your voice and efforts, legislation has been pushed back that would have undermined efforts to protect species and their habitats. Also, May 11th has been named Endangered Species Day." Yet, the Endangered Species Act remains vulnerable - and the next Congress could easily repeat the same mistakes. That's why it's as important as ever for us to educate our members of Congress about this issue. Let's just take a look at Kentucky's involvement shall we? For starters, neither of our senators have signed the bill to increase Endangered Species Act (ESA) funding . Secondly, while the Endangered Species Day was voted unanimously for, none of Ky's congressmen helped introduce the bill. Thirdly, have a look at our environmental voting in congress: just another reason to vote democrat over republican. Sad!!! Finally, when you contact your congressmen, remind them that here, IN KENTUCKY, WE HAVE ENDANGERED SPECIES THAT NEED PROTECTION!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides being endangered and an integral part of the health of our ecosystem (that includes YOU. YOU are part of the ecosystem), they have delightful names like Orangefoot Pimpleback, Rough Pigtoe, Fat Pocketbook, Dromedary Pearlymussel, and Pink Mucket. But they also include larger animals like the Puma, certain bats, woodpeckers and other birds, plants like Running Buffalo Clover and small fish like this Relict Darter. (also, a picture of the orangefoot pimpleback. I just couldn't help myself. Gotta include that one as much as possible).

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Brinton said...

I hope you didn't expect better from Bunning and McConnell.