March 19, 2006

Sposta be studying

Uh oh. I don't like this repeating a year of school thing. Everything is so familiar that my brain won't hold onto the details because it's like, "Yup, I already got that information somewhere up here." It isn't overwhelmed like it was last year, but instead, it's a little bit bored, and so it doesn't delve into the information the way it did First Time Around. "Mountains and mountains of material? No problem, already read it, studied it, made study guides and diagrams and passed the exam. What?!!?! You want me to recall it off the top of my head NOW??! You must be crazy, I already passed the exam last year, and in real life I would never have to identify a string (artery? vein? nerve?) on a disarticulated animal's leg (is that a goat? cow? horse? is this a front or back leg? is this a left or right leg? is this facing caudally or cranially?)."........

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