March 20, 2006

Lead by example

Lead by example. I try not to evangelize the things I think are right, though I do get very frustrated by people who don't know better (or much worse: those who do, and don't care). One of the reasons I'm in vet school is so that people will take me seriously (with a doctorate) and hopefully I can do things to "make a difference". I want to save the world, so to speak, but then sometimes I just get so discouraged. I think, "hell, let 'em screw the environment, contract cancer, add to the global warming, whatever comes of it, probably people deserve it". I think there's nothing I could ever do that would ever really make a difference. Then I think about all the things that made differences in my life, and they were all effects of people--individual people--living their lives their own way. I took notice and modeled them in whatever way, shape, or fashion. So when I'm overwhelmed with futility or all my debt or with how little time I have, I take a step back and remind myself: just live your life the way you feel is proper. The rest will follow. (or not!)

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Wendy said...

I wanted to go to vet school but when I saw that you had to go for 10 years I was like, screw that! I wanted to save all of the little animals. I love animals more than anyone could imagine. I even liked animals more than people but once I had my daughter all of that changed. Anyway, I never noticed that you had a blog.