December 18, 2005

Really? For Real?

You mean the whole thing was improvised?!

I performed with Rachel, Michelle, Sandra and Susie last night--all of whom I had never danced with before in a performance setting (TT was there with us too). And Mom and I danced with Eva the night before, with whom I had also never danced. I LOVE THIS DANCE! I love that we have the same vocabulary, we know the rules and when breaking rules is kosher, and that this allows us to put on a kick-ass show leaving people wanting more. YEA! Performing with Eva was high energy, very fun. The Dame show last night was dreamydreamy as Tripp played vibraphone for the whole set and the energy was slow, brought up to rousing, and dropped back down to Teresa-sword Alyssum-bend SlowPlay level. oooooooohhh, aaaaaaaaahhh.

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