December 1, 2005

Dream, 5

I was looking at pictures of running horses on my iPod. Then I realized that they were our horses and that my parents and sister were running down the hill with them. So I jumped in to the picture and ran down the hill too. They were in kentucky, nearby the hike to angel's arch. Kentucky in winter in my dreams looks like grey licheny trees, tricolored halfdead orchard grass (drab green, hay color, burgundy brown), and oak leaves blowing around, and rocks in stones that run cold and burbling. we ran down the hill toward a fudge store, but I had to go pee so I squatted in a ditch. But then Dave and some little black girls and some other hikers came by so I had to sit in the ditch like nothing was going on til they passed and I could pull up my pants. Down at the fudge store, my mom was unpacking roses that she had bought for us to grow into apple trees. They had the hugest flowers I had ever seen and we were very impressed and excited until she dumped them upside down and cupfuls of pellets of growth hormones fell out. They had been so over-hormoned, that they were spilling pellets! So we realized sadly that we couldn't have our organic rose-apple trees afterall.

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