October 8, 2005

Lab on Friday Afternoons

When you've had a long week including a nine hour exam on monday, the last thing you want to do on friday afternoon is go to lab to work on starting a new section of dissection on a dead dog. Needless to say we're all a little loopy on friday afternoons. Is it any wonder, then, that:
while identifying the cranial vena cava, I say it in an Italian accent, noting that our resident Italian classmate Benedetta could say it better.
I then say, "wait, in Spanish, Vena Cava, that means Cow Vein!"
then I realize that Vaca is the word for cow, not cava. "I think I am, what's the word that means you mess up words inside out?"
and my lab partner without blinking replies "Anorexic"
and I die laughing, tears streaming down my face, have to sit down on a stool because I know that I'm not anorexic even if I am a bit dyslexic. My lab partner has the friday loopiness too.

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