October 25, 2005

Different Strokes

A conversation I overheard at that party involving a guy and a couple...

couple: oh, you were linda?! We didn't even recognize you!
guy: yeah, it's pretty funny when i go to parties as linda, stay over, and in the morning after I've showered, people are like, who are you!??
couple: that's some really great nailpolish you have on your toes!
guy: yeah, I had my fingernails done like that too, but I had to take them off before work today.
couple: wow, what do you do?
guy: i'm a construction worker.
couple: oh my gosh, that would SO be the end of you if they found out!
guy: yeah, it's pretty funny. I go and get a manicure and pedicure every friday night for the show, and then am furiously scrubbing it off my fingers on the drive to work every saturday morning.

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