February 28, 2005

Smaht Kids Take a Ride on the Short Bus

Some of us didn't do so well on the last Immunology exam and this was reflected not only in our less than A or B grade (or WAY less than A/B), but also in the email we received from our professor offering a help session. And so we trudged anonymously to see who the other "undisclosed recipients" in the class were. We all felt a little sheepish and referred to the help session as "remedial immunology". Luckily, we discovered that the cause of our bad grades was more our bad test taking skills than just plain dumbness when it comes to complement pathways, T cell maturation and the like. At one point during the help session, one of my fellow classmates made a comment about waiting for the short bus after she had answered a question incorrectly. Our professor, an Indian immigrant, overheard and queried aloud if we were late to catch the train or something. We explained that in this country, most kids ride long school busses, but that there's a shorter version for the "special" kids. He quickly caught on, and put us all at ease by referring to a poorly written question he had given us and said, "Ah! you all think you are on that bus by being here. Well, I feel I am driving the short bus with this bad question!" .
Humor of professors=much appreciated by vet students.

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