February 26, 2005

Dream, 2

I was at a dance where everyone wore the same patterned chinese silk (pink background) except the guy that I was supposed to be there with. He wore a dark blue patterned chinese silk suit. He also stuck out in the crowd because he couldn't dance, and he was 3 1/2 feet tall. It was like a musical where everyone danced in a beautiful choreographed manner around my short date and tried to manipulate him so that it would look like he could dance afterall. After some time of watching the scene, I left because I was bored. I walked to Gratz Park in Lexington. Tons of horse drawn carriages were going by. I walked into a store that I hadn't been into in a long time. It was located at the same place that the Gaines' house is, but it had things for sale that you might find at Isle of You or Third Street Stuff like sequined tube tops for shirts/socks/skirts, metal lunchboxes and feather dusters for show. And huge fucking "there's no place like home" red glittery platform shoes. The lady was surprised to see me since I hadn't been back to Lexington in so long. I knew she wanted to say, "I haven't seen you in a while," but she was too cool to say anything like that--didn't want to give away the fact that she notices and recognizes every customer that comes in. And so I was just as cool, not telling her what was hanging on the edge of my brain to say, "I've been up in New England, studying veterinary medicine". I looked around a while. And then the dance party people danced in and took me out into the park.

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