May 4, 2013

A(n extreme) Day in the Life

Yesterday provides a caricature of my life.

7:30a Leave from my hotel in Charleston, SC, where I spent a couple days for NOAA Digital Coast partnership meetings.

grey infrastructure (concrete bridge)
green infrastructure (wetland buffer)

9a-3p Invigorating meetings and discussion about how to make government more efficient and help policy makers and planners do their job well, basing their decisions about coastal resiliency using data and digital tools.  Laura (one of the other Digital Coast fellows) and I presented a project we've been working on, and got some great feedback.
Digital Coast partners meeting at NOAA
It's a fun group to work with;
Cinco de Mayo piƱata and landsat imagery discussions.
Notes from presentation and discussion

Two NOAA Digital Coast Fellows

3p-6p Walk around downtown Charleston with one of my coworkers.


I love this color

Even the rickety old houses are beautiful

6p-10:30p Fly back to DC, then rush to the 9:30 Club where my friend Zoe's band, Beats Antique, was playing.

10:30p-12:30a Enjoy all-access viewing of the show (still in my work clothes, ha ha!).  Milled around visiting with dance friends and marveling at how packed the venue was (sold out!), and how cute all the baby bellydancer fans were.

Zoe's interpretation of Balinese shadowdance

 12:30a-2:00a Dress in a full-body skeleton unitard, don a vulture head mask (through which I could see approximately zero), get on stage and rock out the encore with Mavi, Zoe, David, & Tommy.  Oh, and a squid, apparently.  (I had no idea until I got these pictures that there was a giant squid! I told you I couldn't see through the mask!).
David rallies the crowd as Mavi and I blindly navigate space.

I brought her some macarons from a cute little French bakery in Charleston. Yum!

 2a-2:30a Cab home. Cuddle kitties.

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