April 20, 2011


I am romanticizing this picture by Rena Effendi, granted. But I like so many things about this photo. It reminds me of things I care about. The earthen walls mean the building was sustainably built. The thickness of the earthen building means it's probably cool in summer and warm in winter. The light on the table means there's probably a skylight. The quality of light is gorgeous. The woman is baking bread by hand; cooking from scratch is one of my favorite things. Her clothes are dusty and old, but well kempt, reminiscent of the comfortable things I like to wear camping or climbing. Her hands look like working hands. Her nails are painted and she wears earrings and a headscarf. Just enough pizazz to be womanly. I'm curious about the table she's using, the handkerchief around her wrist, what oven she uses. She looks beautiful and contemplative. Maybe her life is very difficult--Rena Effendi tends to photograph difficult lives like those of heroin addicts and prostitutes-- but I thank her for being the subject of this photograph. It is lovely.

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