August 25, 2010

Settling in to Gilroy

We've been stationed at our new apartment in Gilroy, CA for a few weeks now, and it feels more and more like home. We still have some pictures to hang, some clothes to put away in closets, and some other minor figuring-out-where-things-go to do, but it's nice! During our first week there, Ben moved all our stuff (by himself!) into our apartment from the basement, while I attended a pre-requisite Microeconomics course at MIIS. During the next week, I helped set up our house, and Ben started his serious job search. I even got to take advantage of the proximity of San Francisco, taking an impromptu class with Rose Harden one day.
Now, in our 3rd week, I am attending my school orientation while Ben and the kitties hold down the fort. We look forward to when Ben has a job so that our schedules are a little more aligned and he doesn't feel so lonely (and the income'll be good too).
Cappy's favorite stair

Uvas Park Reserve walk in Gilroy

Flora in my new surroundings that I'm not familiar with yet
Gilroy is one of the little towns in the "Salad Bowl"--the part of California that produces up to 30% of the nation's produce!!

I'll post a little intro to our apartment once it's finished being put together. We've also had fun playing pool and bowling with some visiting friends, not a block from our place.

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