December 9, 2009

Wish List

Here are some neat things I wouldn't mind having @ our house. But these are just as much ideas to pass on for YOUR special someone. Maybe they could use them too.

The Herb Savor Pod.
Put the herbs in, add a bit of water in the bottom, keep your herbs fresh for up to a month. For instance, I love fresh cilantro, but a little goes a long way, and the bunches they sell them in are always too big for me to use before the rest rots in the fridge.

I have been on the search for the perfect boots. These are not exactly what I had in mind, but they're definitely waterproof (made from recycled plastic bags!!), and they are definitely cute. Dacca Boots, are named after Dakha Bangladesh (the first city to ban plastic bags), are made in Brazil, and are where it's at! ( I wear size 10 wide in US, or 44 in UK--heh)

CableYoyo seems to be just one one commenter said: "a simple and elegant solution to a somewhat complicated and 'tangly' problem".

Always trying to consolidate and keep my "closet" (currently a rolling rack out in the open of my bedroom) nice and tidy, I definitely think this would help with my small collection of fashionable (as opposed to warm) scarves.

A good sleep mask is worth its weight in gold. I never have replaced mine since my house burned down, and keep wishing I had replaced it...but it's all about finding the right one. I think this my choice because it blocks the light out from the bottom and is aromatherapeutic too (lavender mmmm,.....zzzzzzzz).

Okay, this next one, I don't actually want or need, but I can't help posting it for novelty reasons. This small company prints different faces on the sides of hoodie hoods, leading to excellent/funny results. Maybe you know someone who needs one. You need to go look through their site right now. They have animated gifs of each design, ha ha ha...

Mishare is what we all wish were easily available. Sharing music ipod to ipod, sans computer, sans cables, sans pirated versions of senuti. Gah! It's like a wish come true just to know it DOES exist. It costs ~ $100, which is why I don't have one.

A much more affordable gadget that we've all wished existed (well...) is the ThumbThing. At $5 how can you go wrong?

The cats need presents too. This is a really fancy version, but I'm sure a home-made version would be perfect too. In fact, I made one for my kitties several years ago with pine milled from my dad's land (also lost in the fire). But anyway, I'm just not all that into carpet-covered cat climbing things because you can never get them clean, and they always look like ugly carpet covered cat climbing things. These at least look interestingly sculpural, or shelf-like at the very least.

Looking for a gift for your favorite bellydancer? How 'bout a nath? These don't even require the special lady (or man) even have a pierced nose.

Alrighty, then. There's plenty of ideas for you. I am a habitual saver of ideas, so I have a (LOONNNNNGG) list of items I find interesting or useful or pretty under one of my bookmarks. If you need more ideas, let me know. Happy holidays!

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