November 21, 2009

Ugh, what a day.

So, it was Ben's 30th birthday yesterday, as well as our 10 yr anniversary, and to top it all off with wonderfulness, he and his 2 business partners (and good friends) had an interview with Y-Combinator (a preeminent start-up funding company). He woke up, was delighted by the Birthday Blog that his friends and myself made, had a lovely morning and even saw a rainbow.

Then, they entered their interview (10 minutes only! Not long to get your business idea across...), and were immediately reamed by one of the people who was interviewing them. Apparantly, no one could get a word in edgewise, he wasn't even making sense, and some of the interviewers apologized as they were all shaking hands on their way out. "Fail" is how Ben described the immediate sense of how it went. That evening their 'failure' was confirmed by an email explaining why they were not chosen (however, the points made in the email didn't even really have much to do with their idea. Which shouldn't be too surprising based on how little they were able to explain their idea in the interview). Oh well. Their REAL idea was supported over and over at all the networking meetings/parties they were going to that evening. So hopes and dreams weren't dashed, just weirdly thwarted for a few hours.

But as if that wasn't enough to dampen the birthday spirit, as they left one of the techie meetings, they found their rental car had been broken into. Three windows smashed! AND ALL THEIR STUFF STOLEN. Including their computers (hello! they do all their work from their computers. They're fucked!)

And, finally, they spent the night hugging the toiletbowl from some food poisoning. Sigh.

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