September 19, 2009


These are the pants I made out of 2 skirts. I'm demostrating that they're pants. They're meant to be worn under other costuming, so this is just a preview. I'm wearing them this evening @ Natasha's, dancing with Rakadu @ 9pm.
In other news, a Morton's neuroma in my foot dictates that I can no longer wear the cute shoes I have (I have extremely wide feet, so finding cute shoes that look dainty AND fit my feet reasonably is nearly impossible). So I am limited to wearing my running shoes, my sandals, or these Danskos. My friend Sarah found them new at a thrift store and gave them to me (lucky me!). I actually like them more than I thought I would, they don't feel or look quite as chunky as they look off my feet (am I fooling myself? ha). Anyway, the combo of them and my art-nouveau capris with elastic waistband make me feel a little bit granny-ish. But at least I'm enjoying it. *scampy smile*

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