July 10, 2008


Ben and I have a kitten, and we've named her Parsnip. She came to us as a teensy tiny 3 1/2-4 wk old kitten, that didn't even come up to Ben's ankle. She's now ~5 weeks old, we're no longer bottle feeding her, and we're pleased that she's learning to use the litter box (a small tupperware container right now) very well. She's bold and fiesty, she LOVES to play (we are just beginning to teach her that biting is not acceptable kitten behavior when human flesh is involved), she's very friendly with everyone, and everyone loves her too (duh! she's a cute kitten!) (o: . She and I just had a little photo shoot where I learned I had to 'color accent' for red to make sure her little pink nose didn't blend in with the rest of her white muzzle. Dang, she's cute! We love her a lot. And our lives have had plenty (more) stresses recently, but she's buoyed our morale and kept us laughing despite it all. Yay for Parsnip!

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