December 12, 2007

Wreath and a Walk

I took a short study break today to get a smithereen of exercise. It was nice to have some fresh air and to feel my feet moving one in front of the other. On the way home, I gathered some berry vines--I forget what they're called, but I know they're an invasive exotic species, so I felt double good about removing them from the environment--and made a wreath. It reminded me of the amazing thick awesome beautiful wreaths my mom used to make from wild grape vines every year. Mine pales in comparison, but I like that there's at least a hint of the wild on my door now.


May said...

Can I just tell you, that little picture of you with the glass thing, would be so much cooler if that were an old timey spectacle. Man, if I knew where to find one of those, that would SOO be your christmas present.

And once again, it's that time of year when I remind you that I hate christmas and feel discriminated against by corporate America for my lack of religion, mainly because I can no longer study at coffeeshops without my head exploding from tacky christmas music. But your wreath is lovely and environmentally educational.

alyssum said...

Mom said the vine is called Bittersweet. Apropos.