December 1, 2006

1828 Stonish people image

your guess is as good as mine


Anonymous said...

hey. hope all is well with you. i think this picture comes from a book of indian history by a man named david may know all this, but... he has all sorts of interesting characters including the "holder of heavens"( a christ like figure in some regard for some iroquois) and the Ko-nea-rau-neh-neh (as pictured in your blog-i'm not making this up i promise).the funny looking creature would devour the locals if they didn't hide. the old woman pictured did not hide one night when the beast came. it apparently thought that, as she parched the acorns and ate them from the fire, that she was actually eating the coals from the fire.this created great fear in the monster (fire was a problem for its kind) and it fled for good. some believe the his book from the 1820s was source material for the mormons though nothing has been proven. his giants were interesting to say the least. there's several theories on their development.
i'll stop rambling. i've said a strange image though, where did you come across it?
david denson rogers

alyssum said...

DAVE ROGERS! You know, I put my blog entries out there, not really knowing who might read them, mostly I do it for myself, like a journal...and it always surprises me when I hear someone say "I've been reading your blog..." or get a comment from someone I haven't seen in years. YAY!

Man, I love having smart friends with such diverse backgrounds. How cool you know this picture! and the story makes a heck of a lot more sense now, thanks for sharing. Yes, I knew David Cusick was the artist, but didn't spend anytime looking anymore into it. I saw the picture on bibliodyssey (a blog with cool images from old books) and was just struck at how strange the image and caption were without any description.

How are you doing? Are you still in Powell County? Kentucky? Drop me a line anytime (and anyone else who might be reading this who I haven't talked to in a while) at