November 30, 2005

(Bad) Dream, 4

I was at school but it was located in a holler in kentucky. Still winter, though. We had an unexpected quiz which we had 4 minutes to complete, and was 20 pages long. I couldn't figure out the first question. My heart raced, I pulled my hair out, I was shaking, I was nervous and frustrated, I was wracking my brain and I still couldn't figure out the first question. Eventually I flipped to the back of the quiz and worked on the word find, but the time ran out and I couldn't even finish that. It was a terrible terrible feeling. I decided to skip my classes to study for that course, but there was a kitten that was very cute but kept mewing at me. I told it to be quiet so I could study, but he kept mewing. In my stress, I threw the kitten across the room to get it to shut up, and everyone thought I was a horrible person for it. Tufts had spent its fiftymillion dollar gift on huge monolithic T U F T S letters that they erected on the hillside. None of the money went to students.

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