September 22, 2005

Who Am I?

Googling "alyssum" turns up some interesting things. For instance, an extreme close up of sweet alyssum, aka Lobularia maritima, with a tiny bug and some dew. A pollen crumb. A gymnastics studio in Argentina. A picture whose caption said "horny alyssum" but is really HOARY as in "frost". Linneaus's notebook page with pressed alyssum and botanical notes. Some brilliantly hued flowers called midnight alyssum. My name in several languages on a seed packed (Alysse, Alyssum, Aliso, Alisso, Acafate, cyrillic and arabic. I found it elsewhere in German (Duftsteinrich or Steinkraut) and Polish (smagliczka nadmorska)). Some earrings with pressed white and lavender alyssum. A French children's book called Alyssum et Lobelia.
An amazing electron micrograph of "one of several peltate trichomes (hairs) on the surface of a leaf of the nickel-accumulating plant Alyssum lesbiacum (Cruciferae). The spreading form of peltate trichomes in this group, and also in bromeliads, is thought to reduce water loss from the plant surface. They may also be associated with accumulation and excretion of toxic materials." And finally,--YES! I KNEW I could count on the Japanese for this! My very own beauty product line! (click on title)


alyssum said...

PS- if anyone can figure out the webpage and order me a set, that would be the most amazing halfgaghalfserious gift ever. My own name on ALL the products?!!?

Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Alyssum too, and this is more than I ever knew about the name! Good research! Besides being a flower, my investigative efforts about the word have merely turned up that backwords, I'm 'Mussyla'. Which is cool :)

alyssum said...

hello other Alyssum! Also, it's neat to know that alyssum is greek and that it means "one not crazy". A-LyssUm. That's because they used to think the plant could cure rabies. But it doesn't. the root word, Lyssa, also refers to a part of the tongue on canids (because only canids were thought to get rabies).