April 13, 2005


For anyone who wants to come to a bonafide Derby party, feel free to join me May 7th. I know, it's in Massachusetts, but that's what I gotta do to feel at home: bring home here. For running contenders and other derby info, click here. I promise: mint juleps, burgoo, and of course Derby Pie! Bring your most fandabulous hats and dollar bills for betting!


Mick said...

oooh, burgoo! how you gwine git that? ;-)

Hey, something funny happened the other day. Remember my blog about Hair Police? I was talking to Trevor from that band, and he had read your comment about Shit Blizzard. He wuz dyin' ova hea' b/c SB was actually an early incarnation of HP. And I think he said they only played like once so you must have been at that show..

hardy har!

alyssum said...

Oh SAD!!! I only had 4 people come to the Derby party. Oh well, more burgoo and derby pie for me! Yay for Giacomo and the other longshots. Because it gives me hope yet that I can f*@#ing pass this year!